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Choosing Your First Glass Bubbler

If you are a regular smoker, chances are that you have used a bong or a smoking pipe. There are many ways smokers enhance their smoking experience and using bongs and pipes is at the top of the list. You will also often come across the term bubbler which is a smoking gadget that has better advantages than bongs and pipes. A bubbler will have different parts like the mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem and a chamber that holds the water that makes it easier for smoke to pass through. A bubbler is a hybrid between a bong and a pipe but it serves the same function as the two but does its work better. What are the factors that you need to consider when getting your first bubbler?.

Bubblers are made of different materials and it is important to first think about the material type of your bubbler. You will find that most bongs are either made of plastic or glass. Seasoned smokers prefer glass bong for many reasons including the fact that they are stylish and are easier to clean. The situation is no different for bubblers. Glass bubblers are very beautiful and they come in different designs that are easy to clean. The one demerit of glass bubblers is that they are more fragile which means you have to take good care of them. Bubblers also come in different sizes and one must choose one depending on what they like. Bigger bubblers are ideal for seasoned smokers who want more smoke because they have large chambers that hold more smoke.

You will find different types of glass bubblers that look and function differently. Because it is easy to fabricate glass into different shapes and sizes, glass bubbler has more variety. The first type of glass bubbler you are likely to encounter is the hammer which has a mouthpiece and a bottom chamber. The bottom chamber of the hammer glass bubbler easily sits on any surface while the neck leans upwards connecting to the top chamber. One may not fancy the hammer glass bubbler and they can choose to for a sidecar bubbler. With a mouthpiece that branches and moves on an angle from the side of the chamber, the sidecar is built to offer a fun experience. The sidecar bubbler has no splash back which means that it is very good at holding water. Other types of glass bubbler you can go for include the double bubblers, concentrate bubblers and pendant bubblers.

It goes without saying that, you must get your glass bubbler from a trusted seller who will provide a quality product. Fat Buddha Glass has some of the best collection of glass bubblers which you can consider buying. A bubbler should be fun to enhance the entire smoking experience. You are guaranteed to find something that meets your needs with glass bubblers because they are practical and beautiful.
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