12-1 Grow Story

Book-cardI grew up around green plants most of my life both indoors and outdoors. I spent many hours in the yard and garden with my mother learning about various weeds, fruits and vegetables. I was living on what was once part of an apple orchard where we had 14 apple, 1 pear, 2 peach and a cherry tree. As I got older she began working for a local flower company as a green plant tech all the while teaching me the things she knew and the things she was learning. Eventually she started working on her own (after 15+ year’s service) and again I stepped in and help her as much as I could with her bigger accounts.

I had been self medicating from about the age of 14 and never seen a reason to keep that information from my physicians. I have a disability that I have had from birth called Hemophilia and I use cannabis to help manage pain and swelling along with the periodic depression that can stem from long periods of being immobile. Being it was often discussed when I would come in for periodic checkups it was no surprise when I told them I wanted on the new program. I had my paperwork signed and hand delivered to the office in Lansing on the morning after it went legal in our state.
Before November 4, 2008 I had only attempted to grow cannabis a handful of times. It had always been outdoors and although the growing part had always been fairly successful the harvesting was a different story. I can’t recall one time where I actually got to smoke any of the buds I was growing. I didn’t start growing immediately after I got my card but it wasn’t long before I felt the calling. I had a friend that was living in Florida and had heard about the change and was going to move back because of it. He offered to go in more than half on the equipment and supplies and only wanted half of the first harvest. After the first harvest I would keep all the equipment and the operation would be mine. I agreed. I knew nothing of any 12-1 growing techniques at this point and being I had never tried growing cannabis indoors before I was a bit nervous.

I followed the techniques used by my friend; he had already been growing on his own so I figured he knew what he was doing. It wasn’t like I didn’t have questions about his methods he was just someone that didn’t tend to give straight answers. Sometimes it was because he didn’t know them and other times he was just holding back the knowledge. We started with 12 clones I got from my BFAM in Nevada, if I remember correctly one was a cross from a G13. He’d named it Hillbilly Skunk. The other was Jamaican Red Bud. We flowered 12 plants that run using a 400w HPS in a 4x4x7 ft space and vegged with CFLs in a space no bigger than a foot locker. We run the CFLs 24/7 and the HPS was on 12/12. We produced just under ¾ of a pound. Looking back I really thought that was a good job for a first time.

My second run I did all by myself. I was using the standard set of things he’d taught me but I was beginning to search out new sources of information online. This was about the time I met Daniel Boughen, it wasn’t long before he invited me to his site/chat explaining that he had many growers sharing their techniques with each other. Sharing was the key word here, I wanted to be a part of something that had the ability to help others. Immediately Dan and the others began teaching me better ways of doing things and soon we were discussing the idea of putting all this into some sort of E-book. Just over half way through the second run I switched over to 10-14 and from there never looked back. I noticed a difference right away, almost overnight the pistols went mad and within a few days the buds were nearly twice the size! I was convinced this was the way to go.
I grew 3 more harvests after that, each one better than the last before circumstances prevented me from continuing.

Its going on two years now since I have been able to get my grow on but the good news is the friend I was telling you about got his book published and it is turning a lot of heads. His name is Daniel Boughen and his book is called: Medical Growing A Garden of Peace, maybe you’ve heard of him?
Oh yeah, I have finally settled back down in a nice little place overlooking a lake. I’m in the process of setting up my new flower room and I have nearly a half dozen seed strain to choose from. I can’t wait to get back at it, to use all the new things since I stopped growing. 12-1 is truly the way to go!

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