Basic tips for indoor growing (Cloning Solution)

I have always hated having to go and buy cloning gel or powder, that stuff isn’t cheap you know. Well I decided it was time to find a different method and one that didn’t require me to go to the store. I guess I could have searched the internet for an answer but instead I asked my good friend Daniel Boughen, author of Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace. He told me about an old method his parents used. Now there are many different ways to go about cloning a cannabis plant yet as far as I’m concerned it should work fine for any method you use.

The way I clone is buy using a what I call a bubbler unit. Anyway, back to the cloning solution. It’s quite simple, all you will need is a few clippings off of a “weeping willow” tree, a sharp knife and a gallon jug of water. The ideal time to gather your trimmings from the will is in the spring time but as long as you search out the newest growth and clip the ends of said growth (couple inches). A dozen of the clippings will do nicely, split the pieces in half with your knife then whittle them into small pieces and place them in your gallon of water. Let this set for at least 24 hours, you can let it sit longer than this if you like as it will only cause the solution to become stronger. The water should become cloudy as an indicator you have done it right.

My only cost, was driving around till I found a willow tree that I could get clippings from. Scored on that front, there is one in walking distance from my place! I will be cutting clones in a couple days now and I will be using this mixture in my unit. If anyone is interested in how to build one let me know. Made mine for under 20 dollars.


Basic tips for indoor growing (Cloning Solution) — 2 Comments

  1. If you are referring to the Bubbler unit yes, under $20 dollars. Send me a message on here and I will give you the list and details. I might just make another post and explain how to go about putting it all together.