It’s about time you get back to work!

It has been a fair amount of time since there has been any current activity from us, it wasn’t our intention to let things fall by the wayside but the fact of the matter is life can put a kink in the most ambitious of plans. The last post made was about losing friends over cannabis and that was just over a year ago. It was an emotional time to say the least; I feel I’m a good judge of a person’s character and to have him call it quits so abruptly was a bit disturbing. It wasn’t as hard as we hoped to walk away from monitoring the grow for our users, slowly the video and photos stop coming. We instead continued to focus on keeping the Veg. & Flower rooms happy and healthy
Personally my life changed for the better, I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out! After living at an apartment complex that had recently switched from being a senior assisted living to a normal one for a year and a half I was finally able to move back to the town I grew up in. I have yearned to be back for years but had just been going with the flow, going where life was taking me. My very first love sought me out after 30 years, something I never seen coming. Life has a way of working out if you just don’t give up and breathe! We are now happily living our lives together, doing the things we like to do best, we have a house full of green plants on top of the ones we have all come to know and love here. There is even a cozy living alcove just the other side of the carriage house; we’ll be doing a lot of work to it this spring. Ha! With all the fun and excitement not to mention the holidays and the endless driving back and forth it’s no wonder we’ve been slacking.

Have no fear (yeah, like yer skeered!), now that things are beginning to settle down again the pictures and video shall begin again. It’s also the time for you, the users, to get with it as well. We would like to hear from you. Tell us the kinds of things you would like to see here on our site. If you’re interested in participating on a HIGHER level then leave us a message. We are interested in helping growers interested in showcasing their grows; local growers are welcome to meet with us to discuss cooperative endeavors. If you have something positive to say about cannabis then we are interested in listening and having others listen as well. With well over 3000 members at MWSAP’s we should have a bustle of activity in no time!


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