Losing friends over Cannabis

I was scrolling through my facebook wall this morning when I happened upon a cartoon that spurred this article on. The cartoon was of a man and a woman having a conversation, she didn’t like that some people smoked cannabis for recreational use, to help relax and unwind. The gentlemen in the frame was pointing out the comparisons to the alcohol and pain killers she “used” for the same purposes and before you know it things become ugly. Before long she is walking away using one of the classics – “ I guess we will have to agree to disagree “. The gentleman further explains that it is an important issue for him and he receives a huffed “whatever”.

This one little cartoon said so much in the few short frames that made it up. I know I have been in a similar situation many times and I’m sure you have been too. It amazes me how quickly people get all righteous with you about alcohol and all because it’s legal? Many people mix it with alcohol for a greater and faster effect and the logic that persists is that “these were prescribed for me”. Yeah, well I’m sure the doctor never intended you to take twice as much as you were prescribed and go out on a bar run either. But somehow this is all okay, because its “legal”.

To those of you with this for your argument I say this: Legal – recognized by law rather than by equity. Equity – the quality of being fair or impartial. Because it is legal does not mean it is the right choice for everyone, being legal does not make it safe for your consumption. Just because a body of law decides something is “legal” or “illegal” doesn’t change the science or facts, in the case of cannabis the real reason wasn’t even for its medicinal effects but rather its ability to be a major player in the construction, paper and fuel industries. Okay now I feel like I’m the guy in the comic. The thing is this, – If a person is your friend and they choose to use cannabis that is there choice, to get mad at them or to stop being friends with them because they do or because they talk about it in a casual way like you might when you’re talking about a night on the town with your buddies is just ridiculous. In their eyes I’m sure there are plenty of things they could look at that you’re doing that are “illegal” but then I guess some of us have to use our brains and look past the letter of the law and realize that when the law is not really protecting you then it’s really not much of a law.

The rest of you can ignore this part if you want…

Well Dan N., you were the first one to pop into my head after reading that cartoon, I hope you feel good about yourself. I took you under my wing; you weren’t but about 17 at the time. We were tight for more than 15 years and I taught you everything I know (and some things I didn’t) – you were and probably are still unhealthy. I said those things to you and would say them again and for one reason only – because I care about you (or did) and wanted to see you live a long a healthy life. I guess you didn’t really understand what friendship really is.

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